Microsoft will no longer publish the upcoming patch on Tuesday

Η Microsoft believes that its customers no longer want this kind of announcement and so starting this month, the company will not publicly announce the security warnings it will make on Tuesdays. It will publish known upcoming patches only through private channels and only to customers who have paid support contracts.
Microsoft patch

Η Microsoft uses these advance security alerts to let users know that their systems will be upgraded and to prepare system administrators for the upcoming Tuesday Patch. These notifications were usually released on the Thursday before the Tuesday Patch, which takes place every second Tuesday of each month. The first advance notice was issued 10 years ago, when Microsoft officially introduced Tuesday's Patch program.

In an article which was published this morning, Microsoft said its decision to proceed to the money laundering early warning service, and is mainly based on the choice of users who no longer want to receive this information.

There is a Microsoft channel, the myBulletins, which contains the relevant updates of Tuesday's Patch and is still available. The company states that anyone will be able to use this channel, which is a service that provides details for each user, and is based on the software running on their computer.

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