Why Microsoft uses kids in the Windows 10 ad

In the new Microsoft TV commercial, you will not see many features of Windows 10. The company seems to follow a completely different strategy to promote the new product.

The video shows kids from around the world, with a narrator explaining how much their life will be affected by changing the operating system.Windows 10

"Imagine: These kids should not remember passwords," says the narrator.

The ad, which was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday, also points to Microsoft's new approach to Windows, which is to continually improve the services of a one-time operating system.

Close to the end, the video shows two new features of Windows 10: the Microsoft Cortana personal assistant and the new Microsoft Edge browser.

The somewhat low-key ad is consistent with what the company promised for the Windows 10 campaign, a human-centered approach.

Ads have been appearing on TV networks worldwide since Monday.

As for the kids who use the company, the marketing department seems to be hitting below the middle. It first focuses on the positive emotion of consumers, leaving only two of the new features of Windows 10 for the end.

See the ad



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