Watch the Microsoft Windows 10 Event live

Microsoft is currently presenting the event for Windows 10 and is expected to announce new hardware products and pre-release the next version of Windows 10 (codenamed Redstone 2, scheduled to be released next spring).

windows 10 live-now

Rumors also indicate that Microsoft will announce a new All-in-One PC (maybe even some models) under the Surface trademark. Some new accessories such as Surface Dial, an autonomous device to help users use a digital pen, are expected to be featured. We also look forward to seeing the new Surface.

On the software side, Microsoft is expected to announce the new version of Paint, which will probably be simply called Paint 3D.

Paint 3D will be a UWP app that will contain all of the classic version tools, but it is expected to work with 3D objects as well, as we are close to Windows Holographic, which we may see as well.

Watch the live event from the following stream The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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