Windows 10 Virtual Machines from Microsoft

Windows 10 Virtual Machines: Continuing the regular update cycle every two months, Microsoft has just released new updated virtual machines for developers of the Universal Windows Application Platform.

Virtual machines include some of the minimum tools and frameworks to help developers build applications for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens and Xbox One. All virtual machines are based on Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607 version).Virtual Machines

Microsoft states:

Virtual Machines Development Windows 10
Quickly start building applications for the Windows Single Platform using a virtual machine.

Start developing code faster with a virtual machine that is prepared for deployment in Windows 10. Features the latest versions of Windows, developer tools, SDKs and ready-to-use samples.

If you just want to try Windows 10 and the UWP platform, use the free virtual machine evaluation version. The release will expire after a predetermined period of time. However, if you want a virtual machine that does not expire, select the licensed version and add the Windows license key. Do not have a key number? Buy a new Windows 10 Pro license (EN-US only).

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For those interested, two versions can be downloaded:

Windows 10 Enterprise, but also a version of Windows 10 Pro, which needs permission to enable it.

Windows 10 Enterprise (Evaluation - Structure 201610) download 20 GB

This virtual machine will expire on 17 / 1 / 2017.

VMWare Hyper-V VirtualBox Parallels

This virtual machine contains:

Windows 10 Professional (Licensed - Structure 201609) download 20 GB

This virtual machine requires a Windows 10 Pro license (EN-US only).

VMWare Hyper-V VirtualBox Parallels

This licensed virtual machine contains:
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