Microsoft: Windows 10 does not track you

It's been time to talk about Microsoft through its new Windows 10 operating system, available with all spy settings enabled by default. But the company seems to have the opposite view, according to a blog post.pinokio Windows 10

The developer of Windows Terry Myerson reports that Windows 10 was designed "with two simple privacy principles in mind." Collect information that can help the company make the product better and enable users to control what they share.

But is that the case?

Myerson admitted that some information collected by users' computers includes anonymous device ID, device type, and hardware failure data that the company can use to improve the operating system and software running in this.

Myerson explained that no private content was sent to Microsoft, such as information including a name, email address, and account numbers. He also said that all information is encrypted "during our servers transfer and then stored in secure installations" so that no one from Microsoft can access it.

“We used data from Insiders' devices to confirm that there was a problem and then released the fix to the general public through an update the very next day. The data has helped us find, identify and resolve a major problem within 48 hours. ”

Continuing Myerson said that personal information is collected if Cortana is used, but only necessary because "we aspire to provide a pleasant and personalized Windows user experience".

He added once again that the end user can check what data is collected. What he did not mention is which personal information is collected.

He also said that the company is not scanning e-mails to deliver targeted ads "unlike some other platforms" (a clear reference to Google as it is known that the company is scanning Gmail content to serve targeted ads).

Terry Myerson, of course, supported his home so he would not fall flat. With every attribute report that collects data, it also had the appropriate excuse, which does not, however, invalidate the monitoring of users of the new operating system.

As for the example with Gmail, it is known to compare a product with something worse as it gives a bonus.

Overall, the new release appears to be aimed at reassuring Windows 10 users, stating that their data is absolutely safe.

Of course, Myerson has failed to answer a very big question: why Windows 10 continues to communicate with Microsoft, even if the owner disables all data tracking and data collection services?

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