Microsoft: Hidden telemetry in Windows updates

Telemetry seems to have become a necessary evil in the development of Windows, as Microsoft collects data to be able to improve its products.

But when telemetry software is secretly included in Windows updates and then activated on the operating system without users knowing it, there is a problem.


This happened in July 2019, when Microsoft included telemetry code in an update aimed at Windows 7, all without making it clear in the KB that was released.

Now Microsoft is doing it again, according with Woody Leonhard, as he discovered telemetry services in the latest updates of Windows 7 and 8.1 and released on September 10 [KB4516033 (Win7) and KB4516064 (Win8.1)].

According to Woody, one way to handle the telemetry contained in the latest monthly updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 is to get rid of the following scheduled tasks:

\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Application Experience \ ProgramDataUpdater

\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Application Experience \ Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser

\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Application Experience \ AitAgent

Of course, Microsoft has not said anything even after the issue was made public. All we know is from the information published by the company in a separate update called KB2952664 that mentions similar telemetry capabilities:

This update performs diagnostic tests on Windows systems participating in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program. Diagnostics assess the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem and help Microsoft ensure that applications and devices are compatible with all Windows updates. There is no GWX or upgrade feature in this update.

Is something similar happening in the new updates? It's hard to say since Microsoft has not mentioned anything. But telemetry is included in the latest Windows updates, and Microsoft will have to explain exactly what is happening.


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