Microsoft bids Windows Tips ads

While Microsoft continues to improve Windows 10 to make it more user-friendly, sometimes the company makes statements that do not help it at all. Neither is it nor its operating system.

Below we will see what happened recently when users of their operating company began reporting that they are seeing ads on Microsoft Edge, the new Redmond browser that replaces Internet Explorer and which is available exclusively in Window 10.

Users reported that they noticed pop-ups above the Edge icon on the taskbar trying to persuade third-party browsers to use Microsoft applications. So they rightly complained about advertising.Windows 10

But according to Microsoft this is not the case, as the company said, these are tips that come to help users make the most of Window 10 and their available applications.

How can ads be converted into tips?

"As we continue to improve Microsoft Edge, we keep our users informed of the great new features available in the Windows 10 Alert Browser. Windows Tips Alerts were created to provide quick, easy information that can help and enhance the experience with windows 10. Windows 10 users can easily change the default settings and preferences, if they wish, by disabling these Windows tips and alerts from their system settings ”, a spokesman for the company said.

Indeed, these "tips" can be turned off if you want from Settings - Personalization - Start, as shown in the image below (the image is from Virtualbox with Windows 10 that I have not enabled)

So WindUp 10 will stop advertising several. win-10-tips

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