Microsoft Word finally has a shortcut for pasting plain text

Microsoft Word users will soon see a new and much-needed shortcut that will make formatting text much easier. As announced on the Microsoft 365 Insider blog, Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac will come with a Paste Text Only keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft Word

The publication states:

“Wouldn't it be great if you could just copy and paste text from a website into your document and make it look good? Imagine not having to manually remove source formatting such as font size, type, or background color.

You may be familiar with the Ctrl+Shift+V (Cmd+Shift+V on Mac) shortcut, also called “paste plain text,” from other apps like Microsoft Teams, Word on the web, Google, and Gmail. Whatever you call it, the Paste Text Only shortcut is now available in Word for Windows and Word for Mac.


The new feature is not yet available for everyone. The post says it's currently only available to Microsoft 365 Home and Business Standard Beta Channel users for Windows and Mac versions:

  • Windows: version 16.0.15831.20174 or later
  • Mac: version 16.67.1113.0 or later

The post also states that users can from the settings get rid of any numbers and bullets that may be copied into the Paste Text Only shortcut.

Mode New Shortcuts (Windows) New Shortcuts (Mac)
Paste Text Only Ctrl + Shift + V Cmd + Shift + V
Copy Format Painter Ctrl+Alt+C Cmd + Option + C
Paste Format Painter Ctrl+Alt+V Cmd+Option+V
paste Special Alt + H + V + S none
Copyright Symbol ( + C + ) or Insert > Ω Symbol > © ( + C + ) or Insert > Ω Symbol > ©

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Microsoft Word

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