Become Microsoft Word Pro with shortcuts

The program Word is undoubtedly one of the best word processors.

To become a Word expert, you need to know them keyboard. If not all, the ones that can help you do your job faster.

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you time because you don't have to search with it you and so the you will not be distracted from the important work of writing.

Below is a list of shortcuts you need to know about Word.



General information
Ctrl + N Create a new file
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + P File printing
Ctrl + W Close file
Ctrl + Z undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
I Cancellation

Ribbon or Ribbon

Alt + F Open File
Alt + H Change to Home tab
Alt+N Change to Insert tab
Alt + G Change to tab
Alt + P Change to Layout tab
Alt + S Change to the References tab
Alt + M Change to the Mailings tab
Alt + R Change to Review tab
Alt + W Change to the View tab
Alt + Q Search the Ribbon


Ctrl + F Open the Navigation pane to search
Ctrl + G Open Go To
Home Move the cursor to the beginning of a line
End Move the cursor to the end of a line
Ctrl + Left arrow Move the cursor to the left of a word
Ctrl + Right arrow Move the cursor to the right of a word
Ctrl + Up arrow Move the cursor over a paragraph
Ctrl + Down arrow Move the cursor down a paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + Page up Move the cursor to the top of the screen
Ctrl + Alt + Page down Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen
page up Scroll-up
Page down Scroll down
Ctrl + Home Move the cursor to the beginning of a file
Ctrl + End Move the cursor to the end of the file
Shift + F5 Move the cursor to the last change
Ctrl + Alt + Z Marking in the last 4 changes

Text Selection

Ctrl + A Select all
Shift + Arrow keys Select text in a specific direction
Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow Select the left word
Ctrl + Shift + Right arrow Select the right word
Shift + Home Select the first line
Shift+End Select the last line
Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow Select the beginning of a paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow Select the end of a paragraph
Shift + Page up Select the beginning of a screen
Shift + Page down Select the end of a screen
Ctrl + Shift + Home Select the beginning of a file
Ctrl + Shift + End Select the end of a file

Text editing

Ctrl + H Open to search and replace
Ctrl + X Cut selected text
Ctrl + C Copy selected text
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy the selected formatting
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste the selected formatting
Alt+Shift+R Copy of /footer
Ctrl+Backspace Delete the left word
Ctrl+Delete Delete the right word

Paragraph formatting

Ctrl + J justify
Ctrl + E Centre
Ctrl + L Left
Ctrl + R Right
CTRL+M Paragraph indent
Ctrl + Shift + M Remove a paragraph indent
Ctrl + 1 Simple spacing
Ctrl + 2 Double spacing
Ctrl + 0 Add / Remove space before a paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + N Normal style
Ctrl + Alt + 1/2/3 Heading 1/2/3
CTRL+Q Remove in paragraph formatting

Text format

Ctrl + D Opening the background window
Ctrl + B bold
Ctrl + I italic
Ctrl + U underline
Ctrl + Shift + W underline in words and not in spaces
Ctrl + Shift + D Double underline
Ctrl + Shift + A All funds
Ctrl + Shift + K Small funds
Ctrl + Shift +> Increase the size of the text
Smaller text size


up arrow Scroll up a row
Down arrow Scroll down a row
Alt + Home Move to first of row
Alt + End Move to last cell
Tab Move to the next cell
Shift + Tab Move to the previous cell
Alt + Page up Move to the first cell
Alt + Page down Move to last cell The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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