Microsoft forcing Edge all the time….

Microsoft started to notify Windows administrators that will force Outlook and Teams to ignore the default browser and only open links in Microsoft edge firefox

Many Reddit users have published messages from the Microsoft 365 admin center that reveal how Microsoft will soon implement this change.

"Web links from Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Microsoft account (MSA) accounts in the Outlook for Windows app will open in Microsoft Edge in a single view that shows the opened link side-by-side with the email it came from," states a message to administrators from Microsoft.

While this will not affect the default browser setting in Windows, it is yet another intervention by Microsoft 365 and Windows that completely ignores the default browser option.

Microsoft already does this with the Widgets system in Windows 11, but also with search, where you'll be forced into Edge if you click a link, even if you've set another browser as your default.

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