Minecraft Story Mode The story-driven version of Minecraft has been announced!

The Minecraft looks like the chicken with the golden eggs, as it is currently one of the most lucrative games that exist! This is why Microsoft executives have spent the most insignificant amount 2.5 billion dollars to acquire its developer, Mojang.


As it is known, Minicraft offers innumerable creative possibilities to gamers working with him, but all this time there was something that ... was missing, and this is no more than a story!

However, very soon this will no longer be a problem for the successful game, as Mojang in cooperation with Telltale Games announced today that they have already started working on creating a version of Minecraft in episodic form, which will have a story! This game will be called Minicraft: Story Mode and according to Telltale Games developers, it will offer one entirely fresh and authentic experience from the Minecraft world, which will be inspired by the enormous community platforms of the popular game. At the same time, this unique Minecraft will tell a story, which will be determined by choices of the player.

Telltale's name being "warranty", Surely the Minicraft: Story Mode (which will be a standalone game and not an expansion) will surely be of great interest and will hide many surprises for fans of the popular world. Minicraft: Story Mode is scheduled to make its appearance sometime in 2015 for consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

Source: gameslife

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