4 April 2017 April: Mininova closes

Mininova, one of the largest and the oldest torrent sites on the web, has decided to stop running.

According to a notice published on the first page of Mininova, the forum will close next week, while the rest of the site will close one month later.Mininova

"On April 4, 2017, Mininova.org will cease to operate. After this date, there will be no seeders for torrents. "Uploaders should make copies of their content," the statement said.

Mininova was founded by five Dutch students shortly after Suprnova's closure. The torrent site from Slovenia started 2002 and closed at the end of 2004 after legal threats.
Suprnova was a huge torrent site and its closure left a big gap in the world of BitTorrent. Mininova played a little with its domain name and managed to become one of the most successful sites of the era, managing to completely replace Suprnova.

Certainly the glory did not last long.

Although initially started as a hobby by some students, it soon became a multi-million-dollar business. That's how the legal pressure began, as copyright owners continually complained of content that had to be removed.

2009, Mininova lost a lawsuit from BREIN, a local anti-piracy team. After complying with the court order, which wanted to remove all the torrents that violated the law, Mininova lost its shine and too many of the users who supported it.

Eight years later, Mininova published the above-mentioned announcement stating the end of the page.

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