What is Miniplayer on YouTube

Miniplayer on Youtube is a new feature that plays a small video in the lower right corner while surfing the other videos on the page.

The term Miniplayer appears in the English version of the browser, while those running the Greek version will see it as "Activate minimized production program". Forgive us, but we will use the English term because it is easier to use.

The new Miniplayer icon is located between the "Settings" icon and the "Cinema Mode" icon in the lower user interface bar.

The way of use is quite simple. Click the icon to turn on the Miniplayer view, that is to switch from normal view to minimized view mode.

Note that by pressing the minimized view you will not remain on the page where the video is embedded but will return to the previous page (if any).

From there, you can browse the page, e.g. a search results page, and also open other pages on YouTube without losing access to the miniplayer.

You can search or open most pages on YouTube (but not video pages) while Miniplayer plays video. Keep in mind that the player is only visible when the YouTube tab is active.

If you want to go back to normal view, simply click on the miniplayer video and it will return to normal viewing mode on the site.

In general, miniplayer exposure is quite limited when compared to regular viewing. While you have options for playing / pausing, repeating playback, and uploading the next video, you will notice that no options are available to change the volume or quality or to switch subtitles / captions. You should return to normal view to make these changes.

The miniplayer on YouTube works on many modern browsers. The choice is not limited to Chrome, but is also available in Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi and Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

On Android mobile, the icon of this function is indicated by a down arrow in the upper left of the video.

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