Meta and Snap lawsuit for 11-year-old suicide

A Connecticut mother has filed a lawsuit against Facebook's parent company Meta, Instagram, and Snap, claiming the platforms caused her daughter to become addicted before committing suicide at the age of 11 last July.kidssocial

Engadget uploaded it treatment in scribd Ms. Selena says she "struggled for more than two years with an extreme addiction to Instagram and Snapchat," a claim backed by an outside therapist who "had never seen a patient so addicted to social media."

Although she was too young to be on either platform according to their terms of service (for Instagram and Snapchat the minimum age to create an account is 13) Selena had accounts.

The mother admits the absence of parental control, but also the lack of strong age verification controls, which made it almost impossible for her daughter to have access to these services.

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"The only way for Tammy Rodriguez to restrict access to the accused's products would be to seize Selena's Internet-enabled devices," the lawsuit alleges, prompting Selena to flee to gain access to accounts from other devices. ”

The use of the services, Rodriguez claims, made her daughter suffer from depression, sleep deprivation, absenteeism from school, had eating disorders, self-harm and eventually led her to suicide.

Rodriguez claims that Snapchat's "unknown and changing rewards" "look like a slot machine, but are aimed at teenage users who are even more prone to gambling."

Similarly, Instagram functions "seek to take advantage of users' sensitivity with rewards that come in the form of likes and followers". This is extremely harmful for adolescents and pre-adolescent users whose brains are not yet fully developed, especially in the areas of "impulse control and risk assessment".

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The allegations in the lawsuit reflect some of the concerns expressed by Francis Haugen. Among the documents leaked to news outlets by Haugen was an internal investigation showing that Instagram could be detrimental to the well-being of users, especially young girls, as well as internal documents describing loss of young users as an “existential threat” to the business.

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  1. Instead of taking shape and dipping her head in the first corner of the walls of her house, she turns against those who (clearly !!) are addicted,… shape and direct dumb.

    Too bad the kid.

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