Lawsuit at Canon that requires ink to scan and fax

Canon USA is accused of forcing its customers to buy ink cartridges if they only want to scan and fax documents using the company's so-called All-In-One printers.

David Leacraft bought a Canon PIXMA MG2522 All-in-One from Walmart in March and went crazy when his device was unable to scan or fax when the ink ran out. Of course scanning and faxing do not require pix mamg2522

Leacraft would not have bought the Canon printer if it had known this, says his legal team. Feeling deceived, Leacraft filed a lawsuit against Canon USA.

"There is no reason to sell All-In-One printers with scanning or faxing functions that are directly related to the existence or level of ink contained in the devices," Leacraft said in a statement.PDF], filed last week in federal court in New York.

Ink is not required for scanning or fax operation. Ink does not improve scanning or faxing performance. Connecting the scanning or fax capabilities of All-In-One printers to the ink contained in the devices offers no benefit and only serves the financial disadvantage of consumers. ”

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