As we say… .. The future (Mirai malware)

Surely all of us have now heard terms such as bot-net, malware, computer viruses, etc. We at iguru ook a few times have written articles on ways to prevent, or even category analyzes and more specialized ways to deal with computer threats.

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This article is dedicated to a specific regular hacking that we have been listening to since last September and unfortunately we will continue to hear it in the future. This tactic is known as Attack Dos or DDos and the average user can not cope with antivirus now.

What is Dos and what DDos?Mirai malware

In a DoS attack, the attacker causes the IP address of the target device to be congested, with external, unnecessary communication requests constantly sending requests from the attacker to the server to keep it busy, making it impossible or time consuming to connect the device to the Internet. The attack is directed at the IP address of the target device.

The above can be done very easily from any terminal.

In contrast, in a DDoS attack, the attacker uses malicious software installed on multiple computers to detect and attack the target device. Invaders launching a DDoS attack choose this type of attack to get a bigger hit on the target device than a DoS attack that starts with a single device.

How can I know if I'm attacking?

If your device is being attacked by DoS or DDoS, you may not be able to connect to the Internet or the device being attacked will be disconnected. The goal in a few words of this particular way of attack is blackout.

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What is the IoT we are listening to over the last few months and what role does it play in DDos attacks?

Mirai malware

Internet of Things (IoT), is a new term, coined by Kevin Ashton, co-founder and CEO of the Auto-ID Center (MIT research consortium), during a presentation by Procter & Gamble. "Things" referred to objects that are now able to connect and share data over a network, whether they are sneakers that count time and steps, or are decoders, routers, or drug cases that remind patients to take the drug, etc.

In the vision of the Internet of Things, objects create a diffuse system and are interconnected using multiple (usually small) communication technologies. RFID tags are one of the first examples in this field. However, over time, this has led to new technologies that make communication between objects more efficient. The IEEE 802.15.4 standard stands out among them and the recent modification of IEEE 802.15.4e can significantly increase the reliability of radio frequency connections and energy efficiency, thanks to the adoption of the access mechanism.

Mirai malware.mirai

"Mirai"Which in Japanese means" the future ", is the name given to malware specifically designed to infect IoT devices, which on September 20 last year took part in one of the largest DDos attacks ever. Some of the targets were Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb and many more such as the French provider OVH. And also a configuration of this malware was the almost successful attack on Deutsche Telecom the day before yesterday.

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Malware was designed to infect Linux systems and synchronize the attack.

Finally is open source safe?Mirai malware

One of the questions that immediately comes to my mind is the following .. We keep hearing about the security provided by Linux with its Kernel and surely anyone who frequents online forums for Linux fans will have read at least once the attack " Linux has no viruses ”! The above confirms my view that "no one deals with Linux" and if he decides to deal with it, here are the results. And Linux is not just Ubuntu! Linux also runs the router we are currently connecting to the internet from our home!

The evil of the case is that each of us can with basic knowledge find the source code, format it, adapt it to a device and set up an IoT! A smart toaster that reminds you of your decadence with a message on the cell phone! If I can synchronize a large number of such totes to transmit data at once, I can create big problems in a whole country! Made of tape like that? And yet we've already experienced it!

Do we need to set some security terms and protocols to use open source?

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