Free decryption of MicroCop Ransomware

Security researcher Michael Gillespie has created a decryption tool (or Decrypter) that can recover files that have been locked by MicroCop Ransomware without paying a ransom.

The MicroCop Ransomware appeared at the end of June and had two unique features that made it stand out from all other variants of ransomware.

One of these is the ransom note in which he uses the guy of Guy Fawkes, commonly used by Anonymous. The ransom note is written in a threatening tone and informs the user that he will have to return the money to someone who allegedly robbed him of Anonymous.MicroCop Ransomware

The second feature was the enormous amount of money he requested, which was 48,48 Bitcoin, around 32.000 dollars.

When Nyxbone security researcher Trend Micro discovered the presence of the new threat, three days later he managed to decipher it.

You can download Decrypter from the link at the end of the publication. Unzip the file and run the application. Decrypter will leave the original encrypted files in place so they will not destroy them if something goes wrong.

Once the decryption is complete, it will let you know.

If you need help with Decrypter, you can go to the Gillespie forum where it provides technical support. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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