MIT created the first robot zipper

MIT: How would you feel if your jacket snapped by yourself as you leave the door of your home? Welcome the Zipperbot.WITH Zipperbot

The technology of wear parts (w) but also robots grows fast enough. The wearable technology usually focuses on automation while generating electricity by utilizing body movement or by incorporating solar cells into fabrics or other imaginative solutions.

From time to time we have seen some really interesting gadgets that can be worn, such as Smartwatches or Google Glasses, or tracking devices etc. But it seems that some researchers at MIT they are not content with "simple" ideas and move in the realm of the strange. This is how they present it to us Zipperbot.

Zipperbot is the creative result of a program called Sartorial Robotics (Costume Robotics) run by a MIT Robot Research Team. The Zipperbot robot is a small device with the sole purpose of closing and opening your zipper in a jacket or sleeve without your own help. While there seems to be a problem in using it on pants, it is rather a matter of time to solve it.

Although it seems difficult to use the zipperbot in a regular outfit as it receives electricity through cables, however by incorporating a small battery it could become a good and useful add-on to your suits, uniforms and other clothing. Although it can not be applied to all types of clothing, Zipperbot could well be used for your winter coat or jacket, especially for those wearing gloves and having difficulty catching the zipper. See the video below with a Zipperbot demo:

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