Mitec Network Scanner 5.6.0 multi-threaded scanner

It is a free multi-threaded scanner for ICMP, Port, IP, NetBIOS, ActiveDirectory and SNMP with many advanced features.


It is intended for system administrators but also for users who are interested in the security of their computer. The program performs ping scan, scan for open TCP and UDP ports, resource shares and services.

For SNMP enabled devices, available interfaces are detected and the basic properties are displayed.

Additionally, you can edit the results, save or upload them, print the list of network devices, and any data in any section that can be exported to CSV.

The application can also resolve host names and automatically detect your local IP range.

Scanning features:

  • Active Directory
  • Network neighborhood
  • Ping (ICMP)
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address (even across routers)
  • MAC Vendors
  • Device name
  • Device domain / workgroup
  • Logged user
  • Operating system
  • BIOS, Model and CPU
  • System time and Up time
  • Device description
  • Type flags (SQL server, Domain controller etc.)
  • Remote device date and time
  • TCP and UDP port scanning
  • SNMP services.
  • Installed services on device
  • Shared resources
  • Sessions
  • Open Files
  • Running processes
  • Terminal sessions
  • Event Log
  • Installed software
  • SAM accounts
  • WMI Queries
  • Powerful WhoIs client

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