MITRE Engenuity ATT & CK for Check Point 100% detection in every threat

For the second consecutive year, its complete end point security solution Check Point, Check Point Harmony Endpoint, provided the most extensive threat visibility and framework for protecting organisms from zero-days cyber threats according to ratings MITER Engenuity ATT&CK. 

miter engenuity

Η Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. provider of cyber security solutions, announced today that for the second consecutive year, Harmony Endpoint has been recognized as a leader in MITER Engenuity ATT&CK assessments to provide the most comprehensive threat detection and visibility.

The results of the evaluation MITER Engenuity underline the ability of Check Point Harmony Endpoint to immediately and automatically block, recover, and retrieve ransomware and other cyber threats before the damage spreads. At the same time, security teams can use the solution to accurately detect, investigate and respond to threats, effectively utilizing the industry's most comprehensive correlation with MITRE ATT & CK framwork.

The Harmony Endpoint provided 100% detection of all attack steps with the highest level of Technical Detection and zero delays in detection alerts. The solution provided a detection rate of 98% at APT Spider Wizard. These results underscore her commitment Check Point to provide the highest level of accuracy and visibility of cyber threats in the real world, all while providing autonomous detection and response.

For this evaluation, the MITER Engenuity examined 30 end point security providers and their products. Vendors were evaluated through a knowledge base developed by MITER for opposing tactics and techniques based on factual observations.

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This year, the MITER Engenuity tested the ability of salespeople to detect attack techniques used by Wizard Spider, a financially motivated criminal group, and Sandworm, a Russian threat group known for targeting Ukrainian electricity companies and NotPetya attacks. These two threat factors were selected based on their complexity, their relevance to the market and how well its staff MITER Engenuity could properly imitate the opponent.

"The complexity and frequency of attacks has increased dramatically over the past year, reaching new highs. In this reality, organizations need to adopt a security strategy that is aware of the threat. The ratings MITER Engenuity ATT&CK "They help them achieve this by assessing their ability to defend cybersecurity solutions against real cyber attacks and threat groups." Ofir Israel, Vice President of Threat Prevention in Check Point Software Technologies.

"Endpoint security plays a critical role in protecting the over-distributed workplace. The latest results of the evaluation ATT&CK emphasize the leadership position for the 2nd consecutive year, of Check Point Harmony Endpoint as a leader in the field of threat detection and full visibility of attacks. His customers Harmony Endpoint receive all the terminal protection they need against all impending threats such as ransomware, malware, e-fishing, while enjoying powerful detection and response capabilities at its best TCO. "

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"This last round shows significant product development by our participating suppliers. We see a greater emphasis on defense capabilities that are informed of threats, which in turn have developed a community emphasis. infosec in the context hierarchy ATT&CK"He said Ashwin Radhakrishnan, deputy General Manager, ATT&CK Evaluations in MITER Engenuity.

The main points of the test include:

  • The Harmony Endpoint provided the highest level of technique detection with 100% attack step detection
  • The Harmony Endpoint provided the most extensive visibility and environment at 100% of the secondary step detection. In 98% of the minor steps detected, it provided the highest level of technical detection by providing additional data enrichment to help the user fully understand the attack.
  • The Harmony Endpoint provided 98% detection of Wizard Spider for advanced financial threat (APT), responsible for notorious malware such as Emotet the Trickbot and the Ryuk
  • Η Check Point provided immediate alerts with zero delay for any threat detection

For full results and more information about the ratings, visit: https: //

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