Mixeway Hub: A collection of vulnerability scanners

Mixeway is an OpenSource software designed to simplify the process of securing projects using CICD procedures.

Mixawey is a security orchestration tool that contains a variety of add-ons from the most popular vulnerabilities scanners, for a more comprehensive assessment.

Mixeway functions

  • Automatic service discovery (IaaS add-on for data and network scan for services)
  • Automatic vulnerability scan configuration (based on the latest configuration)
  • Automatic and on-demand vulnerability scan (policy based and run via REST API call)
  • A database with vulnerabilities for all types of sources - SAST, DAST, OpenSource and infrastructure vulnerabilities in one place
  • Customizable Security Quality Gateway - a reliable piece of information for the CICD to decide whether a task should pass or not.
  • The REST API allows integration with already used vulnerability management systems used in the organization.

Information about the installation and the use of the program, you will find here.

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