MKVCage return of torrents to new domain

The popular torrent site MKVCage has returned with a new domain name. His new "home" is the

The site disappeared last month, shortly after a lawsuit was filed by the producers of the movie Hellboy.
But it wasn't just the producers of this particular film: the producers of Hitman's Bodyguard, and Mechanic: Resurrection followed suit. MKVCage

Οι διάφορες αγωγές που κατατέθηκαν για παραβίαση πνευματικών δικαιωμάτων, είχαν σαν στόχο μεγάλα πειρατικά sites όπως το Popcorn Time μέσω του , το Showbox και το MKVCage.

The case against MKVCage, filed last month, appeared to have an immediate impact. Shortly after filing the complaint with a Hawaii regional court, MKVCage went offline. At the same time, the uploader stopped uploading torrents to other sites.

However, a new site appeared:

The .nl domain has identical posts of older versions of MKVCage. Apart from that, it publishes new ones and TV shows, which also appear on MKVCage accounts on other torrent sites such as ETTV and 1337x.

What has changed is the formatting of the release notes, which no longer refer to the old domain.

Of course we can't be sure 100% that the new website is operated by the same person or people, but everything is pointing in that direction.

The companies of course did not stop their efforts to bring down the site. With a new complaint filed this week in the District Court of Hawaii, HB Productions (Hellboy) notified the authorities of the disappearance of and the resurrection of

The company believes that MKVCage is operated by a person named Muhammad Faizan, who allegedly downloaded the .com domain and changed his Gmail, which was the email that sent him the call to court.

To see how long the new domain will last….

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