Moakt temporary e-mails and phone numbers

Why Moakt? Although there are several free email services, you may be one of those who want temporary e-mails services for various alternatives.

You can use them whenever a service requires an email address for a record that you do not trust or do not intend to use for a long time.

Such a temporary e - mail service is Yopmail, but we're going to talk about her today Moakt.Moakt

Η Moakt is another service that at first glance seems to be similar to temporary e-mail services.

You can use it to create temporary email addresses by selecting the desired name and one of the available domains provided by the service, or by clicking the random address button.

But what makes Mokt apart from other services of its kind is that it supports temporary phone numbers.

Numbers can only be used to receive SMS. The service is anonymous, it does not require a subscription, and the administration and download page opens immediately after creating a temporary e-mail or a phone number.

And we mention the phone numbers, because some services require you to enter a phone number to verify your account. So you can use Moakt that supports temporary phone numbers and can receive the SMS verification.

Note: Of course we do not support that the service is secure, since one can accidentally drop on your account's download page. It is ideal for creating temporary accounts and not for permanent use, as it does not offer security measures to protect your account from any attacks.

A feature of the service that can be considered a security measure is the ability it gives you to immediately delete the messages you received.

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