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The MonoCMS is a web content management system, just like wordpressThe bloggerThe joomla etc. monocms

The difference between Monocms and the above is that it belongs to the category of non συστημάτων δίχως βάση δεδομένων. Η επεξεργασία δεδομένων γίνεται με PHP και η αποθήκευση τους σε XML. monocmsart

So it uses the server's file system to store data, which makes it extremely simple, small in size and very fast.

The MonoCMS is made by a Greek web developer living in Athens (Panagioti or Pano z), so at the same time with English he acquired his Greek version.

The first syllable of the system name itself derives from the Greek word "only".

Today, as Panagiotis informed us (developer of project) released the new version 2.6.

"The transition to the 2.6 version, with the new add-on editor, has been completed, allowing users to edit sections of their website without having to know any code simply by choosing pre-installed widgets.

With the release of 2.6, the number of add-ons is small, but it is time to install more and more interesting. The edit page changed completely to support the new feature. The subject files remain editable through code."

For more details, see changelog

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