Moo0 Mp3 AudioEffecter 1.34 enhance the sound of your mp3s

Moo0 Mp3 Enhancer allows you to enhance the sound of Mp3 files to your liking. Currently supports Mp3 and Wav file formats.

Supported options for audio enhancements:

- "Open Air": An original sound filter to enhance music sound.
- "Soft Breeze": An original sound filter to enhance music sound.
- "Vocal Boost": You can enhance the voice of the singers.
- “Instrument Boost”: You can enjoy the beautiful sounds of the instruments more.
- "Speed ​​up / down": You can change the speed of the songs, while maintaining the same pace.
- “Male Voice to Female Voice”: 3 levels of customization are available.
- "Voice Voice to Male Voice": 3 levels of customization are available.
- “Pitch up / down”: You can change the whole key of the songs.
- "Volume up / down": You can adjust the volume level of each music file to match the other songs in your music list.
- “Boost / Suppress each range of sound strength”: You can adjust the sound of the music according to your preferences, such as bass boost or bass suppression and so on.

- The program does not change the original files. "Creates" new converted files in the same folder by default (you can set another destination).

The application is also translated into Greek. The new name of the application is Moo0 Mp3 Enhancer.

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