Moovit with features for visually impaired people

Moovit has everything you need to travel to public transport in the smartest, fastest and easiest way possible. By combining information from public transport operators and organizations with live information from the user community, Moovit offers travelers a real-time image and the quickest and most comfortable routes.moovit

Moovit users can also send active reports about their travel experience, such as bus congestion levels, cleanliness, and more. The more people use Moovit, the more information they distribute in real time about buses and trains. The live information we receive from travelers offers all users improved route schedules and more accurate estimates of arrival times. 

The application is available for download free of charge in over 1200 cities in 70 countries around the world for 50 millions of users.

New Capabilities Focused on Accessibility and Allowing Blind Users to Navigate to Public Transport in relation to any other application for transport

Moovit, the world's top local transport application, has released the Android and iOS version with accessibility functionality that will help the community of the blind to travel to public transport with great ease.

Worldwide, almost 40 millions of people live with blindness and many of them depend on public transport to move. By integrating VoiceOver and TalkBack (for iOS and Android respectively), more blind users around the world will be served by any other transport application. For blind users who have VoiceOver and TalkBack enabled on their devices, any screen within the Moovit app will now be accessible.

The Moovit team teamed with a blind developer while creating accessibility features. The developer provided the experience and feedback that helped ensure that the product would be efficient and easy to use for blind passengers in the transport.

With the new integration of VoiceOver and TalkBack, blind users just need to keep their finger on their phone screen to hear which button or icon is beneath it, helping them navigate more smoothly into the app, and allows them to plan travel to public transport with ease.

"We believe the app should cater to all usage scenarios, as well as to various communities, including the blind community," said Alex Mackenzie Torres, Moovit CMO. By integrating these accessibility features, we will now be able to help even more users navigate their cities smoothly. ”

"Integrating accessibility functionality for the blind community is very important to Moovit, and it contributes to our goal of making every local trip smooth, as so many people in the blind community rely on public transportation to get around," he said. Torres.

The company is committed to providing a smooth mobility experience for all users and will continue to experiment with more accessibility in the future. In addition to the new accessibility feature, the new version of the app also includes the ability for users to link their Facebook or Google accounts to sync all of their favorite lines, locations, points & rankings and other cloud preferences to are always available.

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