Lenovo won 250.000 dollars with the installation of Superfish

Lenovo installed Superfish on its computers after an agreement that made it richer by 250.000 dollars, according to information.lenovo superfish

To we recall that the company was caught on the leek last month to "catch" user data of its computers by installing an adware on its systems. The incident sparked a variety of security investigators as well as the victims themselves.

Forbes says that Lenovo earned from 200.000 to 250.000 dollars after the Superfish pre-installment agreement, an insignificant amount, considering that the company's net profits from the US alone were 253 million dollars in the last three months of 2014.

Lenovo initially defended the installation of adware, saying it was a useful tool for online purchases, but quickly its senior executives began to send apologetic statements to the media.

The company has developed Superfish Removal Software, and promised not to install bloatware again, while offering free six-month subscriptions for McAfee Antivirus.

The Mozilla Foundation, meanwhile, has decided to move aggressively where it meets the malicious Superfish. The Firefox developer will block self-signed Superfish certificates from the upcoming version of the browser, as reported by El Reg.

The war against Superfish and Lenovo seems to have taken the form of an avalanche since Jessica Bennett of California recently filed a lawsuit against Lenovo for the Superfish that was installed on her laptop.

Imagine what would happen if everyone did the same, all for 250.000 dollars.

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