Where LizardSquad finds thousands of servers for DDoS attacks

LizardSquad, who hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network during Christmas, revealed that their motivation was to publish the website designed to allow everyone to pay to hit websites on the internet.LizardSquad

Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity, who has been investigating the team for quite some time, he says that the DDoS tool they use draws most of the network band from hacked routers that are found in homes around the world. The fault of the owners of these routers? The fact that they use the factory default user names and passwords.

Krebs reports that their botnet LizardSquad is not completely dependent on home routers. It also uses commercial university and business routers as well as other devices.

His research shows that malware does not just target routers for attacks, but scans the internet for more devices using default factory settings. This means that it is in constant search for more routers and other devices to infect, which could be from PCs and servers to connected cameras.

Krebs also said the previous attempt by LizardSquad to create a botnet to disrupt the Tor network attempted to buy thousands of Google cloud computing services using stolen credit cards. Google quickly realized the effort and closed their accounts.

A Google spokesman told Krebs: "We are aware of these reports, and we have taken appropriate action." System components can be found at Pastebin and mailing list of the Tor project.

For everyone do not like the idea of ​​using their connection to DDoS attacks, the existence of the LizardSquad botnet is a timely reminder to make sure you have changed your router's username and password from the factory settings.

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