More Windows XP from Windows 10 to Business

Although adoption of Windows 10 continues to make advances to consumers, it's not the case in businesses where upgrading to a new operating system is usually a more complex process, including endless applications compatibility testing and possible hardware upgrades.

A survey conducted by Spiceworks shows that adoption of Window 10 by business continues to go much slower than expected by Microsoft, while Window 7 is still the preferred option.Windows XP

Specifically, Spiceworks reports that WindUws 7 is the top choice in business with a rate that reaches 69%, while Windows XP comes second with 14 percent. Windows 10 is in third place with 9 percent, followed by Windows 8 with 5 percent, Mac OS, Vista, and more, with 1 percent each.

In other words, Window XP has more users in the business market than Window 10, although 2001's launch started, and security updates and patches stopped running on 8 April 2014.

Regarding Window OS penetration rate, research shows that 9% of businesses still use Windowws Vista (the penetration rate represents the percentage of companies performing at least once a new operating system installation).

In addition, 52% of businesses continue to run Window XP in at least one system, while Window 7 reaches 87 percent.

"As expected, Windows 7 still has the highest penetration rate among businesses worldwide with a rate of up to 87%, but in the near future it could lose a fairly large share. As we approach the two years since the release of Windows 10 (July 29, 2015), the data presented by Spiceworks show that 54% of businesses worldwide have adopted Windows 10, using their network. "

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Please note that Windows Vista support is approaching the end of April 11 and that Windows XP has stopped supporting 2014. So Window 7, Window 8.1 and Window 10 are the only versions that businesses can use for more security.

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