MosaicLoader steals passwords

New malware is used to steal passwords, install cryptocurrency miners and other Trojans.

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The malware was developed for the Windows operating system, and is called MosaicLoader. It infects its victims around the world, and tries to get into as many devices as possible, according to Bitdefender.

Unlike other viruses that spread through phishing attacks, MosaicLoader is a virus that is spread through broken software ads to its potential victims.

If you have a problem with some software and you search for it on the Internet, you can see links that offer you some cheap, or free solution. You can even see links that lead to torrent pages and have a new version of the software you are looking for.

Immediately after infecting a system, MosaicLoader starts downloading other malware, such as Glupteba, a malware that creates a backdoor for collecting sensitive information, such as passwords, usernames, and more.

This malware (MosaicLoader) gives attackers access to the victim's computer.

According to Bitdefender researchers, most infections come from cracked software, which can be downloaded from pirated pages. Antiviruses recognize MosaicLoader, but there are also users who disable security software to install a broken application!

So beware of broken software games, no one knows what the exe you run on your computer contain. download Whitepaper (pdf)

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