Moto Z: The smartest smartphone in the world and in Greece

The Motorcycle Z and the Motorcycle Z Play are now available in Greece, and after their official release in the US. Designed by Motorola in Chicago, the product family Motorcycle Z is here, presenting a complete set of Motorcycle Mods, the future of mobile technology. Post Motorcycle Mods, you now have the ability to transform it smartphone to what you wish to be. The possibilities are virtually limitless. MOTO Z

Enjoy with your friends your favorite TV show, create your own playlist and take off the party. The Motorcycle Mods transform your cell phone, so that you can transform yourself and you, that you do.

The application is very simple. The Motorcycle Mods touch the mobile as a magnet, immediately become one with it and change, depending on your inspiration. And most importantly - be sure that today Motorcycle Mods are designed to operate in every future generation Motorcycle Z phones.

Motorcycle Z: The thinnest premium smartphone in the world

Made of aluminum, material used in military aircraft, and stainless steel, the new impressive Moto Z it is durable, thin as a razor blade - just 5,2 - and extremely lightweight. It has a high resolution 13 cameraMP with optical image stabilization and autofocus to help you capture true, beautiful moments. The 5 front cameraMP, has a wide-angle lens and is ideal for all your friends to fit in a photo.

Motorcycle Z Play: Incredible battery, Unlimited capabilities

With thin, lightweight design and durable aluminum frame, the Motorcycle Z Play has a lifetime battery2 up to 50 hours, virtually the longest battery life in their family Motorcycle, which allows you to use the device for days without having to charge it. When you finally need to charge it, you do it easily and quickly with it TurboPower which in just 15 minutes3, charges the battery for use up to 9 hours. Take stunningly clear photos - day or night - with 16MP laser autofocus camera and instantly change your downloads from selfies into a groupies, with its wide-angle front camera LED flash.

A complete set of Motorcycle Mods is here - which one to choose?

Forget the socket search. Easily add up to 22 hours of battery life to your mobile phone your, to Incipio off GRIDTM Power Pack, extremely useful when you want to watch your favorite videos, chat at chat with your friends or just work when you are on the go.

Add instantly advanced photo capabilities to your device with Hasselblad True Zoom Motorcycle Courage. You can create and share information like never before. With the 10 featurex Optical Zoom and Xenon flash, focus only on achieving reception - lighting and distance will never stop you from getting the perfect picture. You'll have even more control and flexibility with the download capability RAW. In addition, the non-automated lens and zoom control, guarantee even more camera-handling experience. Additional bonus? Free access to Hasselblad's Phocus software, for greater control over image processing and high quality results.

Start it yourself party to JBL SoundBoost , featuring two built-in 3 speakersW, and enjoy music with high-quality stereo sound. Thanks to 10 continuous hours of autonomy, you will enjoy a full night of music without a break. Want to excite your friends and family with the latest memories of your trips? Want to watch quotes in Y.ouTubeTM with your friends? The Insta-Share Projector Motorcycle Courage converts every surface to 70 screen "to enjoy your favorite videos clip, movies and photos. Also, to Motorcycle Style Shells you can customize your device as often as you like in your own personal style. Choose from top-quality materials such as true wood and leather or patterned fabric.

Products Motorcycle designed and manufactured by / for Motorola Mobility LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary Lenovo.

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