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Check out the five best AI-powered music tools that make creating music a breeze.


Artificial intelligence is a huge technological bomb that affects everything it touches. Music did not escape her fatal touch. From mastering services to reverb, AI-powered audio production is made more accessible to beginners while enhancing the creative workflow for professional users.

If you're curious about which AI music tools are worth checking out, check out a list of the most impressive AI-powered services, plugins, and software.

The order is alphabetical.

BandLab SongStarter

bandlab songstarter

BandLab SongStarter is an AI music generator that wants to inspire you to make music. You can tap the dice symbol to generate a random piece of music or enter some text to help guide the AI.

It's free to use and the audio clips you create are also royalty-free, meaning you can use whatever the AI ​​creates on Youtube without worrying about copyright.

Some features require account creation. Each AI-generated audio clip is approximately between 16 and 35 seconds long, and can be played on a loop.

SongStarter may look simplistic, but there are several useful ways you can work with it. For example, complete beginners can use it to make a beat and practice writing melodies and lyrics on top. It can also be a great teaching tool to show students what goes on behind the scenes in music production.

Focusrite FAST Verb

Focusrite FAST Verb will analyze your sound and choose what it thinks are the best settings. It removes the long list of settings you'd normally adjust for a reverb plug-in and leaves you with just a few options, like selecting a Natural, Balanced, or Artificial reverb profile.

The tool has been trained on over half a million samples, so you can hope to get some decent results.

Unfortunately, there is no way to try before you buy. A curated list of FAST track examples will help you decide, so be sure to check them out check out on Soundcloud.

Jukebox AI

jukebox ai

Jukebox AI is a product of the company OpenAI, which has ChatGPT. It is an application that aims to create high-fidelity music, with an original AI-based song.

It can produce innovative songs that are modeled after a genre or artist style and taking a quick look at Jukebox Sample Explorer, you will find examples like “Jazz, in the style of Ella Fitzgerald” that are extremely convincing.

The results are still not perfect, but they are incredible considering the large task of encoding and reconstructing the music score to train the model.

Unfortunately, Jukebox AI is not an off-the-shelf software that you can buy and use. However, the code is freely available online, and for those with programming experience, it's all there for you to experiment with.

If you have no coding expertise, don't worry. There are tutorials available online to walk you through Jukebox AI.



Another area that AI has proven to do a good job of is separating voice from singing but different musical instruments between them. If you need to remove vocals from a song, then LALAL.AI is one of the most capable tools.

It uses a neural network nicknamed Cassiopeia, which has been developed incrementally, including 20 TB of training data to get it to where it is now. Incredibly simple to use, it can extract vocals, drums, guitar, piano, bass, synthesizer and general accompaniment from a song.

The results are impressive and worth trying for yourself. Fortunately, LALAL.AI allows you to upload 10 minutes of music and shows you a full preview of one minute long exports.

You won't be able to download the extracted stems, but that's okay, because if the results are suitable for your purpose, it's worth paying for the service. Payment for the service is one-time and does not require any kind of subscription.

LANDR AI Mastering

landr ai mastering

LANDR's AI service is a handy tool for less experienced creatives. Mastering music is usually a skill set that takes years to perfect, and so many musicians and producers send their tracks to professionals for this job.

If you don't have the skills to do it yourself, LANDR's AI Mastering is a quick and easy alternative. There are a few options to play with, such as changing the style to Warm, Balanced or Open, alongside volume options. But the point is to hand over your piece to the AI ​​engine and let it handle the decision making.

You can see how it works by uploading a track and watch a short 20 second preview. If it makes you proceed to a one-time charge and see the results in more depth.

The future of AI music tools
The AI ​​can't yet write a song for you, but it can prove to be a valuable help.

From content creators to music production beginners, AI music tools will find their place in helping more people create music. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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