How to Move the Video Folder to Windows 10

Learn how to declare in Windows 10 to store your Videos on any part of the disc you want.


By default, Windows save your personal "Video" folder under the% UserProfile% folder of your account (for example: "C: \ Users \ Dimitris \ Videos").

You can change this option and your videos will be saved in a folder called "Video" but it will be in another location on the hard disk or another disk, or even on another computer on the network.

Let's see how:

Step 1. Create a new folder named "Videos" (in English and not in Greek) in the desired location (eg on disk "D") to move your personal folder "Videos". That is, for our example, we simply created the D: \ Videos folder.

Step 2. Open File Explorer on your PC. For convenience, press Win + E at the same time, find the "Video" folder that is already saved and is logically located under C: \ Users \ Your_Name. We found him for convenience under the group "This Computer".

Step 3. Once you find it, right-click on the "Videos" folder and then click on "Properties" which is logically at the bottom of the pop-up list.

Step 4. In the Properties window, click on the "Position" tab, and then click the "Move" button. (See screenshot below)

Step 5. Navigate to and select the "Videos" folder in the location you want (eg: "D: \ Videos") from step 1, and click "Select Folder"

Step 6. Click the OK button to confirm the change

Step 7. When asked by Windows if you want to move all the files to the new location, click "Yes" to move all the files from their old location to the new location. (although this is your personal choice)

Step 8. Your personal "Video" folder and all its contents should now have been moved to their new location (eg: "D: \ Videos") and you will logically see this new location in the "This Computer" team in the exploration files as a folder named "Video"



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