Mozilla: Select the new Firefox logo with us

The Mozilla Foundation is preparing to update its Firefox logo and has just released two different icon sets that could be used for future versions of the browser and related applications across all supported platforms.

In a statement, the Mozilla Foundation unveiled the new icons it designed and asked for possible improvements before making a final decision.

"A team of product designers and brands at the Mozilla Foundation has begun to imagine a new system that will include all of the Firefox products that are under development but also those that are still under consideration," says Mozilla.

The new icons include logos for the stable, developer and nightly versions, as well as mobile icons. There are also icons for new applications and services, some of which are not yet available, but which we may see at some point in the future.Mozilla

The Mozilla Foundation, although seeking public opinion on the new brands, says there will be no vote on the final choice of icons.

There is currently no set release time for when the decision will be made, but Firefox remodeling is a priority for the company.

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