Mozilla: Apologies and deletes telemetry data

Mozilla apologized publicly after a certificate error caused Firefox extensions to be disabled, revealing that it plans to delete all telemetry data it collected prior to the release of the original fix (version 66.0.4).

The company says the issue has already been resolved, and "we will try to improve our systems so that similar problems do not arise in the future."Mozilla firefox

Mozilla has revealed that it has collected usage data from the browser as part of the Studies program that it used to make the repair available, and that it will now delete it completely from its servers.

"We respect our users, and will delete all telemetry data and data from all users collected between 2019-05-04T11: 00: 00Z and 2019-05-11T11: 00: 00Z," Mozilla said.

Some users who participated in Studies program only to receive the repair on their devices, according to Mozilla, they will have to check their settings before reactivating, something that "must happen sometime after May 13, 2019".

To enable or disable Studies in Firefox, open your browser and follow the path below:

telemetry data

Firefox menu> Options> Privacy and security> Firefox data collection and use

or simply open the following internal address

about: preferences # privacy

Mozilla says that although the problem has already been fixed by the release Firefox 66.0.4 but also the next Firefox 66.0.5, the company will continue its research and will provide us with more details when available.



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