Mozilla: hack company in Windows settings

Mozilla recently changed the way it moved to Firefox from the default Edge in Windows.

It is known from Windows 10 onwards that Microsoft has a method of switching default browsers in Windows 10, which is not simple, at least it is not done with one click.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, with Windows 11 things have gotten a lot worse.firefox edge

Well Mozilla seems to be really tired of this whole situation.

In the version 91 on Firefox, released on August 10, Mozilla has managed to change the way Microsoft changes the browser it uses to make it difficult to change its Edge.

The company now allows Firefox to become your default browser very quickly.

With Mozilla reverse engineering you can set Firefox as the default directly from the browser without having to go to Windows settings.

Mozilla is obviously tired of the complicated way of setting up a default browser, a process that makes Microsoft even more difficult in Windows 11.

"Everyone should be able to set their defaults simply and easily, but they can't," a Mozilla spokesman told The Verge.

"All operating systems should provide support for default applications so that users can easily set the applications they want as default. This is not the case in Windows 10 and 11, and Firefox uses other aspects of the Windows environment to give people an experience similar to that provided by Windows for Edge when choosing Firefox as their default browser. ”

Mozilla has long sought to persuade Microsoft to improve its default browser settings in an open letter to Microsoft in 2015.

Nothing has changed and Windows 11 makes it even harder to switch between default browsers. So Mozilla started implementing its own changes to Firefox shortly after Windows 11 was introduced in June.

So far, Google, Vivaldi, Opera and other Chromium-based browsers have not followed Mozilla's example, and we do not know exactly how Microsoft will respond.

Microsoft of course states that Edge is the most secure browser for Windows, and it does it all for security. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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