Mozilla antitrust loss with Google

Yesterday, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google's monopoly strategy, accusing the company of practices that help it maintain its dominant position in the search market.

Among the practices reported in the case is the fact that Google pays to use it as the default search engine on certain devices and browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox.

In response to the lawsuit, Mozilla issued a statement about the allegations. The blog post He goes on to say that Mozilla believes that controlling these practices is important for "creating a better Internet".

However, it states that an agreement between Google and Mozilla allows the use of the search engine in Firefox. According to Mozilla, the lawsuit should not cause collateral damage to smaller and independent companies.

In August, Mozilla and Google renewed their search engine agreement, which ZDNet estimates is valued at between $ 400 million and $ 450 million. This happened shortly after the announcement of Mozilla that it will lay off 250 employees as part of a corporate restructuring, so it is obvious that Mozilla relies heavily on the funding it receives from Google because of this agreement.

Mozilla says it is still considering the details of the lawsuit and will release case updates when it has more information.

It will be interesting to see if and how the lawsuit will be able to protect the interests of smaller companies such as Mozilla, while at the same time stopping Google's monopoly practices.


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