Mozilla Project Janus add-on quickly make even the slowest sites

Τι είναι το Mozilla Project Janus; When Opera Software released Turbo, it was a whole new kind of service for browser users - desktop and mobile. It essentially directs traffic through Opera servers to reduce the bandwidth required to download data.

This was made possible by compressing the data before sending it to the user. Google also later used a data compression proxy for Chrome mobile clients, and Opera released a standalone program called Opera Max for Android.

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Project Janus Mozilla Project Janus Mozilla Project Janus

Mozilla seems to be watching the projects and, as it seems, it has not been left uninfluenced. The foundation has developed Project Janus for some time without revealing much to the public. The goal of the project is to improve the user's browsing experience.

Η official wiki page records the objectives of the project:

  • Reduce page load times
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Increase user privacy
  • Increase the response for slow sites.
  • Better performance on the radio.

Like Opera Turbo and Max, and Google's Off-Road mode, the Janus project uses proxies located between the user's device and the Internet.

Traffic flows through the proxy server, and various other methods, are used to ensure that the goals listed above become reality.

Among other things, the Janus project offers compression of images, text and certain types of streams, utilizing caching technologies.

The Mozilla Foundation says that compression will not impact the visual quality of the image.

The majority of features so far are similar to other proxy technologies. The Mozilla Foundation has some additional ideas on how to further improve the project. For example, converting gifs to videos to reduce their size.

The Firefox add-on is only compatible with Firefox 33 and later versions of the browser. This means that only Aurora or Nightly versions users can install the proxy at the time of writing this article. The mobile version of the add-on is compatible with all versions of Firefox browser from 32 and up.

All you have to do is install the add-on. The proxy activates automatically and will improve browsing in the ways listed above.

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