Mozilla promises faster surfing with project mozjpeg

Η Mozilla announced the project mozjpeg, through which the images are compressed JPEG will be against 10% greater, and consequently the Browsing it will become faster.

His goal mozjpeg is to produce one quality JPEG encoder which will offer higher compression while maintaining the compatibility with existing ones.

So far, the results of mozjpeg after testing in about 1.500 JPEG photos, show a compression of the order 10%. Of course, Mozilla hopes to get higher compression in the next versions of mozjpeg.

Initially the company wanted to develop it hers lossy compression format, but its example Google to WebP που failed to prevail in the market, led to the creation of mozjpeg, to improve the popular JPEG.

Read more about mozjpeg here.

Source: The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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