Mozilla Servo Tech Demo for Windows

The Mozilla Foundation has just released the first build (Developer Preview) of the Servo browser for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The Mozilla Foundation has already released the Servo for Linux and Mac browser since July of 2016. Today was added the version of Windows in the list.servo

Those of you who are interested in trying out the new app download links are at the end of the release. The preview of Servo is called Servo Tech Demo and will not start automatically after installation. You can find the application in the Windows start menu.

You should be aware that this is a tech demo. This means that most of the features it will have in the future do not exist at this time.

The Servo homepage opens with a list of sites in thumbnails you can get started with. You can open any webpage on the Internet, but you may notice that some are not displayed correctly.

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You can open multiple tabs, perform searches and navigate back and forth, but at present they are the only features you can do with the tech demo build that has been released.

There is no menu option, no menu bar, add-ons support, topics, or anything else you would expect from a modern browser.

However, the Servo Developer preview is loading pretty fast, but this can only be due to the fact that the new application is not overloaded with many features.

However, making Servo Tech Demo for Windows mean a significant step, as the new application finally covers all major operating systems.

Download the application



Linux (x64)

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