Mozilla: Yahoo Search the default Firefox browser

Η Google is the default search engine of the Firefox browser in recent years. This agreement left enough profit for the foundation Mozilla, since Google had to pay a fee for this privilege.

Since the deal was announced (2004 for the first time), there was a serious concern: Mozilla will be overly dependent on Google and Google will not renew the deal.Mozilla yahoo

Mozilla today announced a new strategic partnership with Yahoo Inc. which will make Yahoo Search the default search engine in the United States on mobile and desktop platforms.

This partnership will be valid for the next five years and will only include the US at this time with expansion options in other markets in the near future.

This, by itself, is not great news. The news is that instead of using a single global partner, Mozilla has decided to use a flexible system that allows regional partnerships.

Yahoo plans to offer a new "enhanced search experience" from December 2014 for Firefox users with a "clean, modern and impressive design".

The Mozilla Foundation by choosing Yahoo as the default search engine of the browser brings significant developments on all sides. Google will lose access to searches made by Firefox users, and Yahoo will gain access to them. Firefox users have a different default search engine, and the Mozilla Foundation is a new partner.

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Firefox users of course can change the default browser browser easily. The program allows the use of: Bing, Yahoo, Google, DuckDuckGo and many others.

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