Can a photo with cheese imprison you?

It's generally not a good idea to share them σας στο διαδίκτυο. Ειδικά αν είστε έμπορος ναρκωτικών. Ακόμη και η πολύ αθώα εικόνα ενός τυριού μπορεί να περιέχει αρκετές προσωπικές πληροφορίες για να σας καταδικάσει.

The British Merseyside Police identified drug dealer Carl Stewart (39, Gem Street, Liverpool) and convicted him of dealing cocaine, heroin, MDMA and ketamine with the help of a simple of cheese. We don't know why he posted the picture of the cheese, but Stewart was sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison after pleading guilty to the charges.


Stewart seems to have done mistakes when he posted the photo. The first is that the photo contained a clear image of his fingerprints as well as his palm, which Merseyside Police were able to analyze to identify him. Stewart isn't the first criminal to be convicted because of fingerprints found in a photo, but it's yet another reminder that your fingerprints can't keep secrets.

Second he shared the photo on EncroChat, the supposed encrypted phone which was breached by the authorities last March, and so its safety had more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Since then, Merseyside police say authorities have identified about 10.000 illegal users in the UK who are "involved in coordinating and planning the supply and distribution of drugs and weapons, money laundering and other criminal activity". A total of 60.000 users have been identified worldwide, according to police. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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