The hoax with the buried coal miner.

Greek online media reports that he was found alive after 17 years that were buried a miner. The news is really incredible, so much that it reminds of hoax. Cheung hoax

The publication mentions (we left the spelling and syntax as it stands):

In the 7,8 earthquake that took place in 1997, XNUMX collapsed the department where the unfortunate coal miner was located!

Together with him, the 78 victims of the coal miners were also buried!

The unfortunate coal miner managed to survive because an air duct was still in contact with the surface.

For food, he used all of the rice and water reserve that existed just in the case of an accident but also eating mice and moss, which was the only source of vitamins for 17 years of caging.

Throughout his adventure, the Chinese mining operator, despite his physical strain, and the tremendous psychological stress managed to make a proper burial also at 78 dead members of the coal mine !!

Clearly physically weakened and Psychic Mr. Cheung was transferred to the hospital.

Managing to be nominated for a record of Earth since the longest survival period under such conditions was 142 days by English Geoff Smith.

The publication made an impression as these 17 years sound incredibly. After a few clicks on Google, we found the source of the news that was The publication is even old, dated May 6 2014.

This page is known for the hoax that it transmits, and it does not even hide it.

In terms of use of the services, the website states: "All news articles contained in are fiction, and possibly fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely a matter of luck."

So beware of what you are transmitting to social networks, if it seems unbelievable, it is likely to be a hoax.

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