A case of murder and abuse of minors from a pedophile network

The killing of three little boys in which as politicians and public institutions are involved examined by the British police while the case seems to concern a network scandal pedophiles of the 70s and 80s.pedophile pedophiles pedophile pedophiles

One of the alleged victims of sexual abuse, "Nick", accused MPs and other public figures of being involved in the murders of three children, aged between 7 and 16, committed in the mid-70s and 80s. According to the witness, one of the boys was dragged by the car driven by one of the alleged perpetrators.

"My team is investigating the possible killings of three little boys. Our work is under way and we are looking at the files of those who disappeared at that time, "said Kennedy McDonald, a police officer in charge of the investigation. "Until now, we have not found corpses," he added.

However, in a "heartbreaking narrative," Nick told police officers that he and many other boys were driving to various London homes and suburban suburbs, even to military bases where they were sexually abused by men.

He allegedly sexually abused him from 7 to 16 in a luxury apartment in Plymouth, southeastern London, an area where many politicians live.

The police have called on children - now more adults - who have been victims of sexual abuse in the same area to appear and testify.

At this time, Sussex police are also investigating the disappearance and murder of a 8 boy, Vishal Mehitra, 1981.

Last summer, the relevant ministries confirmed the information published in the press that 114 envelopes concerning sexual abuse of children from 1979 to 1999 have disappeared. One of the files concerns the involvement of MPs and other personalities in a pedophile network.
This case was revealed after the scandal caused by the case of Jimmy Sabyle, the former BBC presenter who died 2011, and is now considered by Scotland Yard as "one of the worst sex criminals in the history of the country."

Last July, British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to "shed a lot of light" and reveal the whole truth about what happened then.

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