He is wanted for a murder he posted via Facebook

The Cleveland Police Department is allegedly seeking a man named Steve "Stevie Steve" Stephens for the murder of an elderly man that was broadcast live from his Facebook page. In previous posts, he claimed he would commit "the Easter massacre."Facebook

Stephens' Facebook page has now been deleted. The video with the murder is still on the internet, but we will not publish it.

According to the Heavy website, during several publications for over four hours, Stephens claimed to have killed 12 with 13 others and would not stop if his mother or another woman did not get him on the phone.

At one point he wrote, "I'm #goodguy," and went on to say, "I spent three years with this bitch μαι I wish we had not met."
The killer forced the elderly to say the woman's name before killing him.

The police confirmed that the video was real and that murder at 635 East 93rd Street. With an announcement issued, they warn that a suspect is armed.

It is still clear whether Stephens is responsible for the other murders he claims to have committed.

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