Museum of Thebes: How to write your name in ancient languages

The has uploaded to the web its a very nice which allows you to see your name written in Linear B, archaic, classical, early Byzantine and Byzantine script.

She is one offered by the Museum of Thebes and worth a look. If you exclude the languages ​​Archaic, Classical Greek, Proto-Byzantine and Byzantine, which generally only changes , her writing is interesting Linear B.

This language is Greek, it was first decrypted by English Michael Ventris, and has no graphic resemblance to all other Greek scripts.

It was a surprise that this is a first stitch of the Greek language used in the Mycenaean period and not a purely Mycenaean script.

Especially if you have high school or even high school children, give them the following link. Because it contains all the names, they will surely find their own, which will motivate them to gain a first experience in these scriptures. In addition you can print the results.

Click this link to go to the Museum of Thebes.

In addition to the spellings of your name, the Museum of Thebes contains on its website other educational activities that are worth visiting. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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