MusicLM Text-To-Music AI available for everyone

Google has released MusicLM, a new experimental AI tool that can turn text descriptions into music. It is available on the AI ​​Test Kitchen app online, for Android and iOS.

MusicLM allows users to type in a description like “jazz for a party” and the tool will generate multiple versions with such songs. Users can specify instruments such as “electronic” or “classical” as well as “vibe, mood, or emotion” to enhance their creations from MusicLM.musiclm

When Google previewed MusicLM in an academic paper in January, it said it had "no immediate plans" to release it.

The paper's co-authors cited the many ethical challenges posed by a system like MusicLM, such as the tendency to embed copyrighted music in the songs created.

However, in the intervening months, Google said it is working with musicians and hosting workshops to "see how technology can empower the creative process."

One of the results? The version of MusicLM that is in the AI ​​Test Kitchen will not produce music with specific artists or vocals.

You can register here to try MusicLM. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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