The Greek Government's MyHealth has been down since July

The Greek Government's MyHealth Android mobile app has been down since mid-July, and despite repeated disgruntled messages from users, the developers still seem to be on vacation.


Update October 7, 2022 : Problem solved. please see here.

In August 2021, the Greek Government through its representatives Minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis and Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilia, had presented to the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and to the Greek people the new MyHealth application, through which users gain quick, easy and secure access to their data regarding electronic and immaterial prescriptions.

So far so good, but as it seems there in the Ministry of Digital Governance someone or some are not doing their job well. And maybe their ear doesn't sweat either.

The app in question while still working fine for iOS, for Android devices (which are most of them) has been having connectivity issues since July 2022.

If you go to official Google Play page with the app and read the reviews you will see continuous messages since July reporting the problem. In fact, the app has lost half a star in the ratings because of these bad reviews.

For example we read:

Theocharis Dais – August 5, 2022
After I connect via GPS then it doesn't connect and it takes me back to connect again……fix it
15 people found this review helpful

Apostolina Ostria Panjiuka – July 21, 2022
It doesn't work properly it won't open

lat lat – July 27, 2022
The application crashes as soon as I pass the taxisnet codes, so how to rate anything?

Nikos Kokonozakis – July 27, 2022
Good evening, I have downloaded the application, I put in the codes of the tax office, everything is done correctly, and then again it asks me to put in the codes of the tax office, I have done this many times, but the application does not open
1 person found this review helpful

Vangelis Stefadouros – August 4, 2022
Lately it won't let me enter the app, even with taxisnet codes. Is there any problem?. I reinstalled, but still the problem was not solved
1 person found this review helpful

Apostolos Tsaknis – August 26, 2022
It would be great if it worked, ask for a code but it won't let you enter it. After a month, Hey if you can't fix it send her to hell, don't work for us.

Costas Caray – August 14, 2022
Version 0.13.9 Still not working 14/8/22. It's a shame a working app gets an update (0.10.22) and breaks it. 10 times I tried to connect and failed. Why ; since I was logged in !
18 people found this review helpful

And we at iGuru confirm that the app on android mobiles is no longer linked to TaxisNet codes. Correspondingly, it works normally on iOS.

The app states that its last update was on July 13, 2022, and since then the problems seem to have started. Today, September 4, and the problems remain with both the developers and the Ministry they haven't even made an announcement.

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