nano11 New ISO for light Windows 11 without hardware requirements

Towards the end of last month, Microsoft released the official system requirements for Windows 11 2024 LTSC, with the known requirements for TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, which is mandatory for Home and Pro editions.11 windows iso

Microsoft is currently busy ensuring the minimum system requirements for the upcoming 24H2 build in Windows 11. Not much is expected to change, however, very old CPUs will no longer be able to bypass the requirements.

So owners of older computers look for light versions of Windows or install Linux systems. X user Bob Pony today released one such option called nano11 based on Enterprise 24H2.

The user reports that the size is halved compared to installing the official version of Windows 11 from Microsoft. It removes Edge and a large part of the WinSxS folder. In case you're wondering, WinSxS or Windows Side by Side essentially stores multiple versions of system files to ensure OS compatibility and stability during updates or other services.

However, the downside of nano11 is that the developer has removed Windows Defender. So if you install it as your main operating system you will have to use some third party security software.

nano11 is similar to other such utilities like tiny11 and AtlasOS, among others, which also promise a lighter and faster version of Windows 11. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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