Nano Magnetics: turns smartphones into a big tablet

Nano Magnetics: Smartphones have slowly begun to evolve into phablets, in devices with larger screens. If you are a fan of new fashion then take a look at the Nanoport magnetic link.
Nano Magnetics Nano Magnetics Nano Magnetics

The Nanoport Magnetic Connector lets you connect your smartphones to your home or work, etc. The goal is to create a larger screen device that could reach a tablet level.

According to Slashgear, its owners Nano Magnetics have a patent for the technology of magnetic coupling called Nanoport. This technology will be featured and will be featured in the CES 2015 report that will take place in January of 2015 (or the next month, if you prefer).

In fact, Nano Magnetics presented an original model back at CES 2014, but at CES 2015 it will showcase the real device.

So get ready to see in a few weeks in Las Vegas a series of smartphones, neatly next to each other. Magnets will not only keep your smartphones in place, but also allow you to transfer data between them. The system will turn out to be quite useful for people who own multiple smartphones or have older models that scatter unused somewhere in the house.

Another scenario is to gather with your friends, combine your devices to create a big screen.

The manufacturer has mentioned some bold features and will now have to prove them. Specifically it says that its technology is capable of transferring data safely and quickly without having to resort to cables or any other additional hardware / software for this purpose.

All we have to do is wait for CES 2015 to open its gates in Las Vegas in a month to see what sets us in the immediate future. At the moment, enjoy an older video showing the potential of this technology.

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